Troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity


At times, the Wi-Fi connection pertaining to iOS devices behaves strangely due to –

  1. Problem in connecting to the network
  2. Internet access issue
  3. Unexpected Wi-Fi signal
  4. No automatic connection with Wi-Fi


Follow the below mentioned step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity issues:

  • Make sure your Mac device lies within the access range of Wi-Fi router.

  • Now tap on “Settings >> Wi-Fi”. Turn “Off” the Wi-Fi and then turn it “On. When Wi-Fi settings are found dimmed, carry on with the process.

  • Confirm DSL modem or Wi-Fi router is connected properly with the power supply source and turned on. If it is not so, talk about it with the Internet service provider or the network administrator.

  • Restart your Mac device.

  • Again tap on “Settings >> Wi-Fi” and try to locate “Wi-Fi network”.

  • Now tap Troubleshoot Wi Fi connectivity and “Forget This Network”.

  • Connect with the preferred Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi password must be required for accomplishing this step.

  • Turn the Wi-Fi router “ON and OFF”. If the same ISP provider offers you phone or cable services, ensure to check them for verifying smooth services.

  • Then you can “Update your Device” to latest software version.

  • Update Wi-Fi router to latest firmware.

Recommended for

Mac OS X v10.5 or later