Setting up Internet


Internet connection may fail due to numerous reasons including router issues, improper network signals, incorrect Wi-Fi hotspot and incompatibility of hardware devices.


When you are ready with Ethernet jack and wireless connection for setting up Internet, it’s easy to get online on your Mac within few minutes. Follow these steps –

  • Either you should look for a Wi-Fi hotspot or establish Internet connection in your office or home. For using Ethernet cable, the service provider needs to perform basic setup settings for establishing unbeatable connection.

  • Setting up Internet

  • If you have preferred AirPort router, make sure you first perform its setup settings using AirPort Utility. Click ‘Spotlight’ icon and look for ‘AirPort Utility’. Go ahead with the instructions to setup wireless network and choose a password for letting users to connect with the device.

  • Setting up Internet

  • Find the network for secure Internet connection. You can connect to the network with wireless router, by plugging-in or by using wireless hotspot.

        1. Wireless Router:

    When you own wireless router, click on ‘wireless icon’ and choose network from ‘drop-down menu’. With AirPort router, you can automatically connect; else select the network and enter a ‘password’. In case of any troubles, run AirPort Utility for troubleshooting the issue.

        1. Plugged in:

    In this technique, there is no need for the user to do more for accessing Internet. For handling any issues while setting up Internet connection, right click on the ‘wireless icon’ on the screen for turning off AirPort. In case of further troubles, click ‘System Preferences’ in Dock and choose ‘Network’. For improper Ethernet connection, user will have to enter some useful info for getting it done in the right way.

        1. Wireless Hotspot:

    When using wireless hotspot, recognize the name of the network and choose it from drop-down menu. A password is needed to access the Internet network securely. Menu will show signal strength using wireless bars icon.

    Setting up Internet

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