Problem: Prints are too light


Below are the common causes of light printing and ways to avoid this trouble.

  • Defective or Empty Toner Cartridge

When the user forgets to swap the defective or empty toner cartridge, the laser inkjet printer starts giving light prints. It is recommended not to depend on the toner level indicators as they might not be accurate always. In case of poorly manufactured toner, make sure you replace it with a good quality toner cartridge so as to avoid error before it actually hampers your printing task. In a laser inkjet printer, you can also replace the positions of four toner cartridges for avoiding the troubles and getting darker prints.

  • Transfer Rollers

Defective transfer roller or positioning it incorrectly may become the cause of the light print due to lack of pulling of toner off the drum. Make sure it is placed correctly for escaping from the problem. Remember, never to clean the transfer roller with liquid; instead, blow off or wipe gently using lint-free cloth. Colored LaserJets are difficult to troubleshoot for rectifying light printing issues. Using four toners in the transfer process, many printers use transfer belt and designs separate photosensitive drum from other toner cartridges. In case if you have removed the defective toners already, it is required to transfer the imaging drum of belt.

  • Fuser

Fuser is used for creating bonds between paper and toner thru pressure and heat. As the fusers don’t have in-built supply of toner, they create bond toner which is projected on the paper already. This is because fusers do not cause light printing issues until the toner sticks with the fuser’s upper roller. It is easy to replace the fuser if you find it is creating a serious issue.

  • Power Supply or Electronic Problems

Due to engine control board or high voltage power supply, light printing problems occur. It is recommended to carefully diagnose the trouble if you are technically sound, else call a technical support specialist to help you solve the issue.

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