Reduce High Printing Costs


Below are the easy-to-follow tips on how printing charges can be lowered.

  • Print draft quality

  • There are printers available in the market with print draft quality option which is known as ‘Quick Print Option’. This option is usually used for text printing as there is less consumption of the ink, but the printing quality still seems legible.

  • Use laser printers

  • The laser printers are highly expensive as compared to the inkjet printers. However, these are preferred because they have low printing costs for black and white printing style. Moreover, the market price of the laser printers is coming down with the rising demands.

  • Use print house for large amount of color prints

  • Though it is cheaper to have in-house printing services, but it is recommended to look for a professional print house for completing printing process for large amount of sheets. Go with a reliable service provider that offers special discounts and fastest turnaround time.

  • Use black and white printing

  • As colored printing is too expensive, it is wise to go for black and white printing pattern. One-track printing is the best recommendation, unless you do not require colors. Under “Printer Options and Preferences”, you can look for the suitable settings.

  • Only print the required text

  • For the printing of text from a specific website, carefully copy the text in the word processor and print it. In Internet Explorer 8, select the bit of text, right-click on it and print preview when given an option to print the selected text. Turn off the print background images and colors.