Check unauthorized Internet access


In large network of computers where data sharing takes place too often, there are risks of unauthorized Internet access by outsiders. In order to prevent integrity of your data across the network, it is significant to make it highly secure by setting up password, changing advanced settings, turning on firewall protection and creating network security key.


You can block unauthorized Internet access based on Mac addresses. Here you go:
This procedure is applicable to Mac device versions – 9.6.0 build 16 onwards. Mac address are highly secure and rarely change that becomes one of the biggest reasons to preferred them over IP addresses.

STEP #1 Add Host
  • Go to ‘Firewall’ and then select ‘Host’. Then go to ‘Add’ for adding following parameters.

  1. Host type – MAC address
  2. Host name – mypc
  3. MAC address – Depending upon your requirement

Check Unauthorized Internet access
STEP #2 Create LAN to WAN zone firewall rule
  • Select ‘Firewall’ and go to ‘Create Rule’. Then you can create ‘Firewall Rule’ using following parameters:

  1. Destination – WAN/ any host
  2. Source – LAN/ mypc (Host created in STEP #1)
  3. Apply schedule – Depending upon the requirement
  4. Service/ service group – All services
  5. Action – Drop

Check Unauthorized Internet access

Check Unauthorized Internet access
Similarly, access for multiple MAC addresses must be blocked.

Recommended for:

Mac versions – 9.6.0 build 16 onwards