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How to Install Windows Apps on an SD Card – Explains EasyTechy, Provider of Best Online Computer Repair Services

The trends in technology has witnessed a faster transformation, from the discovery of the computers that truly transformed the tech landscape to smartphones and tablets, technology has always given a lot to mankind. However, too much dependence on technology has also made humans its immediate slaves. Now-a-days, the trend of using apps has been at…

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Quick Guide to Install Software Program

Often computer literacy is limited among folks and this has a lot of negative repercussions, when you are not aware of the basics then probabilities of getting cheated increases manifolds. So, this blog is primarily targeted towards enlightening the masses with respect to software installation. You can go for computer tech support for software installation;…


How Computer Repair Agencies Deal with Security Risks?

After using a computer system for months and years or performing countless downloads on it, undoubtedly your device becomes prone to malicious threats, software/ hardware problems, Internet connectivity issues, network errors and other technical problems. Virus, malware and spyware attacks, being the most common computer trouble, create lots of hassles for the PC users and…