Add a Printer to Mac® or iOS® Devices

You can add a printer to Mac computers or handheld devices using the Printer Pop-up menu or AirPrint. It allows you to add an USB or a network printer with no extra effort. And the printer setup happens automatically as most of the printer software required by a range of printer models are hosted by your system itself. Nevertheless, if you encountered any printer setup issues with Mac or iOS devices, EasyTechy can help you over the phone.

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Add a Printer to Mac: Top Issues

Every aspect of computing has been simplified with Apple Mac, but issues share an inherent relation with technology. And, the task – adding a printer to your printer list in Mac OS X v10.5.8 or earlier may also get interfered on similar ground. Well, printer setup issues and causes thereof can vary but the result –frustration – remains the same in every scenario, and sorry to say, but yes, it’s you on the receiving end. Below is a list of common printer set-up issues:

  • Printer software compatibility problems 

  • Software Update not working with Macs

  • Inability to detect printer driver and connect with a printer

  • Disabled AppleTalk under System Preferences

  • Inappropriate firewall or security software settings

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Add a Printer to Mac® or iOS® Devices

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Add a Printer to Mac® or iOS® Devices


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Add a Printer to Mac® or iOS® Devices

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Printer Help with iOS Devices: Extra Cover

Mobile computing or printing has become the vogue. Interested to go with? If yes, EasyTechy can help you. We can help you to setup and configure the AirPrint feature required to control a printer through mobile devices like iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. we are available remotely to diagnose and fix any related issues. EasyTechy printer support list includes:

  • Enabling Wi-Fi and configuring the printer and device to it

  • Enabling AirPrint through printer settings

  • Printer troubleshooting (update driver/firmware via Software Update)

  • Printer preference settings

  • Printer speed-up

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EasyTechy endeavor to make technology error-free across all walks of life. We are just standing by you, connect over the phone, email or chat to get access to our experienced technicians for instant printer problem resolution. Our printer support embraces all popular models manufactured or marketed by different manufacturers, including Epson, Lexmark, Dell, HP, etc.